NH Attorney General Department of Justice

This is only one of several letters received & sent outside the NH Board of Veterinary Medicine, but in my opinion the most significant


February 27, 2007

To: Attorney Katherine Bernhardt, Administrative Prosecutions Dept.

Attorney General's Office

33 Capitol Street Concord, NH 03301


Dear Attorney Bernhardt,

Thank you for speaking with me today regarding both the Consumer Complaint and the 3 letters of Complaint filed with the NH Board of Veterinary Medicine. I was relieved that you noted the tone of my letter sent January 7, 2007.

I would like to state in this letter a detailed list submitted in my original package that accompanied my Nov. 7th letter to the Board:

1. copy of my personal MCI phone records 10/12-10/28 reflecting 8 calls to the main number, 6 to the off-line (kennel area) number at DVH

2. Two letters certified receipt to DVH -dated 10/19 and 10/25 requesting records

3. 2 Ultrasound reports- one marked faxed to Edgefield Vet. Hospital 10/12, one marked amended 10/25, and copy of pictures

4. DVH Referral patient history form filled out by me

5. Followup Referral letter dated/faxed 10/20 from Dr. MacGregor to Dr. Curry at Edgefield

6. Estimate dated 10/12, #2550

7. Consent for Treatment or Admission dated 10/12

8. Referral update form faxed to Edgefield 10/12

9. Invoice #10495 dated 10/17

10. Antech Urinalysis Report (final report copy) 10/16

11. 2 page report from Veterinary Diagnostic Laboratory, Manhattan, KS

12. 2 page final breakdown of services

13. 15 pages (color copies) of In-hospital records (reflecting front & back sides of originals)

14. 7 pages of in-house laboratory results

15. brief typed (by me) cover letter of recent history at Edgefield- from 5/2/06-10/11/06

16. 2 page Antech lab report dated 5/03/06

17. 2 page Antech lab report dated 10/11/06

18. 2 pages invoices Edgefield Veterinary Hospital 10/10, 10/11

19. pre-printed directions to Dover Veterinary Hospital from Edgefield

Later I sent a picture of my dog and letters dated 12/25/06 and 1/7/07, prior to vote taken 1/23/07.

If I recognized that my dog was dying and shaved her left front leg on the morning of October 12th, why did a highly educated, experienced Veterinarian not see the same?

I'm also enclosing a simplified chart I prepared directly from the medical records. I could be wrong, but I sincerely believe that any lay- person could reasonably conclude imminent death from the first 4 columns alone. I am very certain that a board of peers would recognize it all the more. I also enclose the post-death referral letter;I find it revolting, insulting and illustrates the fraud so concisely in his own words.

Also enclosed are the last pages of written records from Edgefield VH. I have highlighted on 10/10 "abdo RADS" (x-rays) have notation of possible abdominal mass. At the bottom of 10/10 recommend u/s (ultrasound) On 10/11 diagnosis kidney failure & liver disease. Again it is notated recommend u/s twice in 3 lines. I brought Pocket for subcutaneous fluids (she was rapidly deteriorating) . Notation indicates, Owner is unsure what to do. Further down the page next to urinalysis "again" writes u/s and that I stated I am not interested in pursuing further diagnostics if there is abdominal mass. Do you agree that I felt a bit under pressure about completing an ultrasound with 4 x written? I did want a clearer diagnosis, as I have obtained on all my previous dogs, but I was under huge pressure with time, as Pocket rapidly went into complete failure.

10/12 Written records indicate appointment set for 1pm. I was there prior to that time but believe the appointment commenced at around1:30. Pocket was admitted at 4pm. An ultrasound takes approximately 15 minutes. I also made several phone calls to both clinics in the morning (Dr. Curry did not speak with me) expressing how worried I was witnessing the rapid deterioration and concerned that Pocket "wouldn't" make it for the appointment & again that she needed fluids. What caring Vet would not insist on seeing her right away? The pressure was huge and climbing.

10/13 Cindy (secretary) writes referring to my phone call to her, however in an odd, possibly misleading way. I called and discussed "PTS" (put-to-sleep) at Dover (why would I bring her back when she already was there with an IV) and I want her "comfortable". She clearly declined and it was reported to me that she was worse & vomitting stomach bile fluids and bloody stools. I had "zero" contact with Dr. Curry after Wednesday 10/11.

Why was I referred an hour away from my home, when several clinics, including a brand new state-of-the-art facility was within 20 minutes located in Manchester? Why couldn't Edgefield quote me the price of the ultrasound, yet "referred lots of happy clients" there. Cindy, herself, told me how Dr. MacGregor was Board certified, very thorough, and honest having recently diagnosed cancerous tumors in her own two (now deceased) cats. Are you aware that Dr. MacGregor was not on the premises for most of that week? I had no Dr. to talk to in person on my visits. No one to discuss her laboratory results which were not kept at her cage. Contact was via phone, we (Bill and I) expected to meet with him on Saturday by 12N and there wasn't a veternarian on the premises and the office was closed, hence the request for the Sunday am appointment. For a busy "referral" hospital, I saw very few clients/appointments and Pocket's "sole roomate" was euthanized on Sunday morning, owners not present.

Should I forward a "copy" of the answering machine message left on Wednesday morning? I got the impression this was shameful or illegal for me to possess and offer, even though it wasn't at my solicitation, since I had informed the front desk and provided my work number and that I would be at work the day prior. Dr. Taylor asked me several times if I was "recording" our conversation, I felt pretty bad that he would think that. If he called me back at work (Post Office) as I asked, perhaps I could have heard him better and he would have felt assured that I wasn't recording him. Why was I not given the ultrasound on CD as I requested in writing? Dr. Taylor said he has one. I am certainly capable of obtaining an independent review of it, elsewhere in the country.

You must have told me already, but I'm still unclear why this isn't a fraud or consumer issue. I appreciate the option/suggestion of impartial outside "review" and perhaps that would be the best manner to proceed on this issue.

Thank you for your time in this matter,

Barbara A. Albright



Questions & Concerns:


I was promised a full "out-of-state" review of Pocket's records and it was reneged the *very next day" citing that this was already "completed by an undisclosed source". I requested to see that review and it was DENIED in full, even with "redaction's of the source" of this review. Yet I am "supposed to believe" this review occurred

 Do you agree that Dr. Taylor is a pretty quick thinker?

Who is being duped? The AG attorney, or me , or both?

Why would an entire panel of educated veterinarians need an outside opinion to interpret simple medical records? Seem a bit scary?

How much was the cost to the State of NH for this "expert" opinion?

You might note that the letter never says "what" the opinion was, pretty nifty?