Excerpt from Vetinfo4dogs.com

"Blood urea nitrogen (BUN) concentrations above 75 mg/dl are a strong
indication that the kidneys are not able to do their job. Creatinine values
above 2.5 mg/dl are also pretty unlikely to occur for any reason other than
an inability of the kidneys to filter the creatinine from the bloodstream.
Rising phosphorous levels (> 7.0 mg/dl) are associated with kidney damage.
Falling total protein levels sometimes occur with kidney failure. Anemia is
not uncommon when the kidneys really do start to get close to failing
entirely. "


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"When total calcium is high in a patient with kidney failure it may be due to a problem like malignant cancer, which causes rises in both the total and ionized calcium
levels. In this case, it is important to lower the calcium levels and to
deal with the primary problem which is the cancer
. When total calcium is
high but ionized calcium is normal or low in a patient with kidney failure,
the odds are higher that the kidneys themselves have created the situation
and treatment should be directed at dealing with the kidney failure. In
this situation, the use of calcitriol even when total calcium is elevated,
can be beneficial, as long as total phosphorous is below 6 to 6.5 mg/dL and
calcium supplements are not being administered."

Pocket's blood results for the week

Thurs. October 12- PCV% 34, TS g/dl 9.0  NO chem panel run ,  Started on IV fluids, no food offered


Pocket was administered: Plasma-Lyte® 56 and 5% Dextrose Injection (Multiple Electrolytes and Dextrose Injection, Type 1, USP) administered intravenously has value as a source of water, electrolytes, and calories. One liter has an ionic concentration of 40 mEq sodium, 13 mEq potassium, 3 mEq magnesium, 40 mEq chloride, and 16 mEq acetate. The osmolarity is 363 mOsmol/L (calc). Normal physiologic osmolarity range is approximately 280 to 310 mOsmol/L. Administration of substantially hypertonic solutions ( ≥ 600 mOsmol/L) may cause vein damage. The caloric content is 170 kcal/L.


for her entire stay at Dover, (FDA information to be added )