Pocket's final medical record--

"the last page received post-investigation"

Say What??


When did I speak with Dr. Curry and about what?

Pocket had a splenic mass?? Where did the Faxed ultrasound report indicate that?

I wanted to keep her comfortable? For 7 days? With a splenic mass? What do you call comfortable: diarreah, bloody vomit, starving--in a strange environment? For what reason--- TO SPEND MONEY ON HOPELESS TREATMENT???

Will bring in to PTS (put-to-sleep) when ready? Drive back an hour to Edgefield with an IV , Why, what did YOU fail to mention?

10/20---"knows dog isn't doing well"? Not interested in pursuing diagnostics? Where? What facility? She was already DEAD!

No phone calls, no concern or compassion, yet acknowledgement that Edgefield knew she was alive & languishing in a cage-- Thanks for the wonderful referral for an 11 1/2 year old dog with 15 pages of written medical records at your hospital

Faxed 10/20

In my opinion, this letter takes the cake


How many vets & clinics & days does it take to diagnose irreversible renal failure? Pocket's creatinine was "almost" normal--- What about the 1/3 blood loss anemia and phosphorus level off the chart? How about all the other abnormal values?

She was eating? --- all of a few teaspoons of baby or canned food which was later vomited, each and every time! She stopped vomiting at the same time she stopped eating !

Pocket was "euthanized" Wednesday evening October 18th at approx. 7:45pm, but why get technical?

I "elected" euthanasia on Friday and again on Sunday-----I was finally granted "permission" on Wednesday!