Hello Barbara,
The board members are:
Derek H. Fritz, DVM--Peterborough--President
Brad Taylor, DVM--Boscawen--Vice President
Robin Hertel, DVM--Londonderry
Eileen Peterson, DVM--Bedford
Jennifer Sula, DVM--Salisbury
Susan Flint, Public Member
Pat Duncklee, Admin. Secretary
NH Board of Veterinary Medicine
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Cindy, Thank you for letting me know. Hopefully, If I get a day or so notice, I will attend or be available for questioning whenever the time frame happens to be. I have plenty of vacation days left to the end of the year, but this is a busy time at work for me.
If you wouldn't mind sending me the list of members (names) of the Board, I'd appreciate it. Of course my thoughts revolve whether a member happens to be from Dover or Edgefield Veterinary Hospital.


Oddly & coincidentally, Pocket's dam and another long deceased Scottie of mine underwent tonsil removal surgery at Eileen Petersen DVM's clinic in the early 90's. Not many vets at that time believed in the value of that surgery. Pocket's co-breeder/owner was a long-standing client at that clinic. I wonder if Dr. Petersen recognized my name or ever checked the computer files.

And this same friend & Scottie breeder moved north to Franklin & if I'm not mistaken, became a client at Brad Taylor, DVM's clinic. My friend died a very sad and possibly painful passing the end of May '06, her body discovered 48 hours post-death.

And strangest of all, I developed renewed hope and trust during Pocket's last hour, when Cathy Gajewski, DVM, who I had never met or known, wore a lovely Scottie breed pin prominently on her lab coat. I'm still in awe that she couldn't find it in her heart to insure that a fellow breed owner & her beloved Scot would receive a peaceful and end.

Doesn't it illustrate what a small world this is ?

NH Veterinary Board minutes

January 23, 2007

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 Pocket & Ike postcard