The Ultrasound by John MacGregor, DVM, DACVIM


The average life span of the Scottish Terrier according to the 2005 Scottish Terrier Club of America Health Survey remains at just under 11 yrs. The #1 major health issue expressed by the study is CANCER, #2 is Transitional Cell Carcinoma (cancer of the bladder/ureters), and #3 liver failure.

The latest survey by the British Small Animal Veterinary Association Scientific Committe reports that the median age at death for Scottish Terriers is 10 years 3 months and the #1 cause is CANCER

More pictures available.  No biopsies suggested

Did Pocket have alimentary lymphoma (intestinal wall thickening)? hemangiosarcoma (tumor of the spleen) ? liver cancer? Transitional cell carcinoma (hydronephrosis-- enlarged kidneys)?

Note: hyperechoic (dark) spot on spleen---faxed report to Edgefield 10/12, significance "see Edgefield final page"


What is the above unmarked picture?

(Other views to be added for totality)